• Justin Bennett

      Justin Bennett

      Produttore, ingegnere del suono, compositore e musicista di Los Angeles con 20 anni di esperienza nel settore della musica.

      Ha lavorato su progetti per varie etichette dalle più conosciute quale Geffen, Interscope e Universal a quelle indipendenti e ha registrato e lavorato in molti degli studi e locali piu’ conosciuti di Hollywood come NRG, Westlake Studios, Swinghouse e House of Blues Sunset Strip.

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      Discografia completa di Justin+ (aprire)

      Let Her Dive - Steps EP (Independent, 2014)Mastering

      Groovy Mann Presents – Katastrophy Klown (Sleazebox, 2013)Producer, Composer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Mixing, Mastering

      Viaggio Infinito – Reverendo Pex (Independent, 2013)

      Mixing, Mastering

      The Lingams and Yoni - Power… Lies… War… (Rustblade, 2013)

      Producer, Composer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Mastering

      Sergio Wow – Olympus Mons (FU.NCH Recordings, 2013)


      Skinny Puppy - Bootlegged, Broke and Insolvent Seas (Metropolis, 2012)

      Drums, Electronics

      Dgtlmonkey - Da Monkey Club (FU.NCH Recordings, 2012)


      Eaters: Rise of the Dead - Feature Length Movie (Event Films/Extreme Video, 2011)

      Soundtrack composer and producer, Stereo and Surround 5.1 audio mixing

      Eater - Spadabeem! (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)


      Ryko the Drummaker - Shut The Ninja Up (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)


      Arsenic Cherry - Death by Arsenic (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)

      Mixing, Mastering

      Dgtlmonkey - The Land of Dirty Beats and Bananas (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)


      Lunacy Box - Lunacy Box (New Model Label, 2009)

      Drums on “Hey Man Nice Shot”

      various artists - Songs For A Child: A Tribute To Pier Paolo Pasolini (Rustblade Records, 2009)


      My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Death Threat (Sleazebox/Rustblade Records, 2009)


      American Memory Project - Limited Edition Preview DVD (Independent, 2008)

      Producer, Composer, Drums

      Sandblasting - DNA Mutation (Rustblade, 2008)

      Remix track “Rage – kETvECTOR mix”, Mastering on Disc 2

      Bahntier - Venal (Rustblade, 2008)

      Producer, Composer, Drums

      Bahntier - Roots EP (Rustblade, 2008)

      Producer, Composer, Drums

      kETvECTOR - The Infinite Regress (Rustblade, 2008)

      Producer, Composer, Drums

      My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Blood, Dope, Sin, Gold (Sleazebox Records, 2007)

      Remix track “Sorella Diavolo”

      Sandblasting - Adrenaline (Rustblade, 2007)


      Bahntier - Blindoom (Rustblade, 2006)

      Co-Producer, Drums

      various artists - Schlagstrom Krrrbrrrtztzkrrr 01 (Rustblade, 2006)

      Producer, Composer on “The Fall of Jachin and Boaz”

      Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right Live DVD (SPV, 2005)

      Live Drums, Electronics

      Chris Velan - Twitter, Buzz, Howl (Universal, 2005)


      The Implicate Order - Volume 2: Actualized (Independent, 2004)

      Producer, Composer

      Professional Murder Music - De Profundis (Wormhole Records, 2004)

      Drums on “High and Dry” and “Moonage Daydream”

      Professional Murder Music - Looking Through (Underground Inc/Wormhole Records, 2003)


      Pigface - United One Tour Live DVD (Invisible Records, 2003)

      Drums on “Suck”

      various artists - Ginger Snaps Motion Picture Soundtrack (Roadrunner, 2003)

      Drums on “A Night Like This”

      The Implicate Order - Volume 1: Enfolded (Independent, 2002)

      Producer, Composer

      various artists - Valentine Motion Picture Soundtrack (Interscope, 2002)

      Drums on “Fall Again”

      cEvin Key - The Ghost of Each Room (Metropolis, 2001)

      Guitar on “Bob’s Shadow”

      Professional Murder Music - Professional Murder Music (Geffen/Interscope, 2001)


      various artists - The Whip 2001 version (Triple XXX/Cleopatra, 2001)

      Drums on “Jackal”

      various artists - End of Days Motion Picture Soundtrack (Geffen, 2000)

      Drums on “Slow”

      Face - A Picture of End (Tone Casualties Records, 1997)

      Electronics, Percussion

      various artists - The Carnival Within: A Tribute to Dead Can Dance (Cleopatra Records, 1997)

      Electronics, Percussion on “Yulunga Spirit Dance”

      various artists - Industrial Post Mortem: China (Tone Casualties Records, 1996)

      Electronics on “Nevi-Nevi”

      EXP - EXP (Triple XXX Records/Hollows Hill, 1996)

      Drums, Percussion

      Neck - Nebraska Tractor Test (independent, 1994)

      Drums and backing vocals

      Solvent - Silence Is Golden (independent, 1993)

      Drums and backing vocals

      Sick - Worship the Ocean Kill the Sun (Rise Records, 1991)

      Drums, Percussion, Electronics

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    • Stefano Rossello

      Stefano Rossello

      Produttore musicista/vocalist e Dj da Verona con 13 anni di esperienza in studio / live con collaborazioni internazional. Propietario e creatore della label Rustblade.

      13 anni di esperienza nel commercio discografico è riuscito grazie alla propria label a creare scoprire collaborare e produrre numerosi artisti quali Hanin Elias, Legendary Pink Dots, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Xotox, No More, Merzbow, Phil Western e molti altri. Compisitore e vocalist del progetto post-industrial BAHNTIER.

      Discografia completa di Stefano+ (aprire)

      Xotox and Detune-X - We Are Deaf (2009)
      Produttore, Compositore, Mastering

      Black Sun Productions - Enoeraew (2009)
      Produttore, Compositore, Voce, Mastering

      Bahntier - Venal (Rustblade, 2008)
      Produttore, Compositore, Voce

      Detune-X - Purevil (2007)
      Produttore, Compositore

      Bahntier - Blindoom (Rustblade, 2007)
      Produttore, Compositore, Voce

      Detune-X - Burnow (2004)
      Produttore, Compositore

      Bahntier - Revulsive (Rustblade, 2004)
      Produttore, Compositore, Voce

      Bahntier - Randome (Rustblade, 2003)
      Compositore, Voce

      - (chiudere)
    • Filippo Corradin

      Filippo Corradin

      Produttore, musicista e collezionista veneziano di sinth e gadget elettronici. Si occupa della produzione di musica elettronica multi-genere da oltre 10 anni. Proprietario di FU.NCH, etichetta musicale e organizzazione eventi.

      Discografia completa di Filippo+ (aprire)

      Eaters: Rise of the Dead – Feature Length Movie (Event Films/Extreme Video, 2011)
      Synth, Modulare, Composizione

      Urban Voudu – Fuck Parade Compilation (2011)
      Produttore, Synth, Modulare

      Chrysalide – 100TH LIVE 4.24.2K10 (Audiotrauma, 2010)
      Synth, Modulare

      Bahniter – Roots EP (Rustblade, 2008)
      Synth, Modulare, Produzione

      Bahntier – Venal (Rustblade, 2008)
      Synth, Modulare, Compositore, Produzione

      Bahntier – Blindoom (Rustblade, 2006)
      Synth, Modulare, Compositore

      Bahntier – Revulsive (Rustblade, 2004)
      Synth, Modulare

      Amoeba Compilation – Persistenza della memoria (Amoeba, 2002)

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