Justin Bennett

Producer, audio engineer, composer and musician from Los Angeles with 20 years of experience in the music industry.

He has worked on projects for several major labels such as Interscope, Geffen, and Universal as well as many independent labels and has recorded and worked in many of the top Hollywood studios and venues including NRG, Westlake Studios, Swinghouse and The House of Blues Sunset Strip.

For more info visit www.justinbennett.net

Justin’s Full Discography

Let Her Dive – Steps EP (Independent, 2014)

Groovy Mann Presents – Katastrophy Klown (Sleazebox, 2013)
Producer, Composer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Mixing, Mastering

Viaggio Infinito – Reverendo Pex (Independent, 2013)
Mixing, Mastering

The Lingams and Yoni – Power… Lies… War… (Rustblade, 2013)
Producer, Composer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Mastering

Sergio Wow – Olympus Mons (FU.NCH Recordings, 2013)

Skinny Puppy – Bootlegged, Broke and Insolvent Seas (Metropolis, 2012)
Drums, Electronics

Dgtlmonkey – Da Monkey Club (FU.NCH Recordings, 2012)

Eaters: Rise of the Dead – Feature Length Movie (Event Films/Extreme Video, 2011)
Soundtrack composer and producer, Stereo and Surround 5.1 audio mixing

Eater – Spadabeem! (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)

Ryko the Drummaker – Shut The Ninja Up (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)

Arsenic Cherry – Death by Arsenic (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)
Mixing, Mastering

Dgtlmonkey – The Land of Dirty Beats and Bananas (FU.NCH Recordings, 2010)

Lunacy Box – Lunacy Box (New Model Label, 2009)
Drums on “Hey Man Nice Shot”

various artists – Songs For A Child: A Tribute To Pier Paolo Pasolini (Rustblade Records, 2009)

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Death Threat (Sleazebox/Rustblade Records, 2009)

American Memory Project – Limited Edition Preview DVD (Independent, 2008)
Producer, Composer, Drums

Sandblasting – DNA Mutation (Rustblade, 2008)
Remix track “Rage – kETvECTOR mix”, Mastering on Disc 2

Bahntier – Venal (Rustblade, 2008)
Producer, Composer, Drums

Bahntier – Roots EP (Rustblade, 2008)
Producer, Composer, Drums

kETvECTOR – The Infinite Regress (Rustblade, 2008)
Producer, Composer, Drums

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Blood, Dope, Sin, Gold (Sleazebox Records, 2007)
Remix track “Sorella Diavolo”

Sandblasting – Adrenaline (Rustblade, 2007)

Bahntier – Blindoom (Rustblade, 2006)
Co-Producer, Drums

various artists – Schlagstrom Krrrbrrrtztzkrrr 01 (Rustblade, 2006)
Producer, Composer on “The Fall of Jachin and Boaz”

Skinny Puppy – The Greater Wrong of the Right Live DVD (SPV, 2005)
Live Drums, Electronics

Chris Velan – Twitter, Buzz, Howl (Universal, 2005)

The Implicate Order – Volume 2: Actualized (Independent, 2004)
Producer, Composer

Professional Murder Music – De Profundis (Wormhole Records, 2004)
Drums on “High and Dry” and “Moonage Daydream”

Professional Murder Music – Looking Through (Underground Inc/Wormhole Records, 2003)

Pigface – United One Tour Live DVD (Invisible Records, 2003)
Drums on “Suck”

various artists – Ginger Snaps Motion Picture Soundtrack (Roadrunner, 2003)
Drums on “A Night Like This”

The Implicate Order – Volume 1: Enfolded (Independent, 2002)
Producer, Composer

various artists – Valentine Motion Picture Soundtrack (Interscope, 2002)
Drums on “Fall Again”

cEvin Key – The Ghost of Each Room (Metropolis, 2001)
Guitar on “Bob’s Shadow”

Professional Murder Music – Professional Murder Music (Geffen/Interscope, 2001)

various artists – The Whip 2001 version (Triple XXX/Cleopatra, 2001)
Drums on “Jackal”

various artists – End of Days Motion Picture Soundtrack (Geffen, 2000)
Drums on “Slow”

Face – A Picture of End (Tone Casualties Records, 1997)
Electronics, Percussion

various artists – The Carnival Within: A Tribute to Dead Can Dance (Cleopatra Records, 1997)
Electronics, Percussion on “Yulunga Spirit Dance”

various artists – Industrial Post Mortem: China (Tone Casualties Records, 1996)
Electronics on “Nevi-Nevi”

EXP – EXP (Triple XXX Records/Hollows Hill, 1996)
Drums, Percussion

Neck – Nebraska Tractor Test (independent, 1994)
Drums and backing vocals

Solvent – Silence Is Golden (independent, 1993)
Drums and backing vocals

Sick – Worship the Ocean Kill the Sun (Rise Records, 1991)
Drums, Percussion, Electronics